Intricate. Handcrafted. Bespoke. Design innovation.




Jessie Alma leather design consists of beautiful pattern and structure worked into the finest quality leathers. Embossing, de-bossing and flocked pattern work are the essential design techniques used to make such elegant fashion pieces. Each piece is hand made from embossing tools designed and crafted by Jessie Alma. Leather is the favourite material used by the designer, the nature of the material being strong and natural meant that the design possibilities were endless. Embossing edgy geometrical patterns alongside serpentine scale-like patterns gave the collection a hybrid feel, transforming the body, giving it a three dimensional second skin.




Innovative pleating methods work beautifully when pleating leather. The structures are held perfectly, Jessie Alma combined pleating methods alongside the embossing and de-bossing design techniques developed to create pleated and embossed leather pieces. Meticulous craftsmanship met geometrical avant-garde structure within the collection. Again, the feel of a metamorphosis or hybrid transformation. 




The hand drawn patterns used throughout Jessie Alma design were greatly influenced by natural geometry and animal skin. These hybrid drawings were the foundation for the collections to come. Embossing, pleats and the flocked patterns worked alongside each other which provided the collections with intricate detailing, three dimensional structure and cutting-edge design.